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Jimmy Thrasher

Jimmy Thrasher accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at age twelve. He began his ministry at age sixteen, when he began teaching his own Sunday School Class. From there he grew into teaching, young adults, men’s classes, and senior classes. Jimmy’s spiritual and ministerial gifts include preaching, teaching, performing arts, podcasting, life coaching, grief support, songwriting, drama writing, grant writing, project creation, encouragement, speaking words of knowledge, finding Biblical Solutions to difficult problems, business management skills, time management, multi-tasking, scheduling, and planning.

Jimmy accepted the call to preach in his early twenties and successfully completed the Ministerial Training Program (MAP) through the Church of God, Cleveland Tennessee. Jimmy was Ordained and Set Forth into Ministry in his then local Church, Spring Valley Church of God. As Jimmy’s Evangelism and Missions Ministry began to reach more and more denominations, states, and countries, Jimmy formed the 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Ministry of Silent Witness, Inc. Jimmy shortly thereafter became Ordained and Licensed through Grace Baptist Church in Russellville, AL. Albeit on a small scale, their combined Ministries of Silent Witness, Inc. their Christian Life Coaching Ministry, and their Christian Music, has reached coast to coast in the United States, and into eight foreign countries and territories on three continents. Since Jimmy’s call includes ministering first at home, then in his state, then regionally, then nationally, and then world-wide, it is evident the calling is already at work within his life.


Melissa Thrasher

Melissa Thrasher accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior at age seven. She began her Ministry serving in the Nursery caring for infants. From there she began serving in Children’s Ministry, Girls Ministry, taught Sunday School, performed in Human Videos, and worked in technology. Melissa’s spiritual and ministerial gifts include teaching, encouragement, performing arts, podcasting, life coaching, and grief support. Melissa is at Jimmy’s side everywhere they go to minister as she is a Minister herself. She is able to speak into situations and circumstances where God has delivered her that Jimmy hasn’t been through in life. Together they are able to minister to a broad range of people and situations.

Ministerial Covering

Part of Jimmy and Melissa’s calling is to help bring unity into the Body of Christ. Jimmy’s Ministerial Training and Covering is representative of that calling. Jimmy and Melissa belong to and attend Faith Church in Florence, Alabama. Pastor Jim Lumpkin, Grace Baptist Church in Russellville, Alabama is also a part of their Ministerial Covering. Brother Jimmy’s Ministerial License reside with Grace Baptist, as Brother Jimmy was ordained and set forth by Brother Jim Lumpkin and Grace Baptist. Jimmy and Melissa consider it an honor to have such a broad Covering for them and their Ministries.