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Ep. 11 | Jimmy Thrasher: Grieving A Loss


Music brought together three souls who previously had not known one another and suffered individual losses over three years. Jimmy Thrasher, Katie Barbour, and Lisa Jason, all songwriters, had lost someone dear to them and were on their way to embracing their new lives when God began to make their paths cross through music. Jimmy met Katie in Nashville at a Publisher Pitch event, and he met Lisa in Muscle Shoals at a Recording Studio.

Jimmy and his now-wife Melissa took Lisa to dinner one afternoon when she was back visiting Muscle Shoals from NYC. During the conversation, Jimmy told Lisa she had so much more to say as a means of encouragement. Lisa picked up on the phrase, and the next day she asked Jimmy to co-write a country song, “More to Say.” The next morning Jimmy woke up with the song playing in his head, but it was a kind of song he’d never written, a Broadway Song. Upon telling Lisa he had written the first verse and melody, but it wasn’t country, she was thrilled to find out it would be a Broadway-type song. The song was written shortly after, with all three songwriters being in different states at the time. Jimmy, Katie, and Lisa pray the song and the message “More to Say” speaks to your heart if you have lost someone dear in your life. We encourage you by saying that if you have suffered loss and are alive today, God has a plan for your life, and you have so much “More to Say.”


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Ep. 10 | Steifon J. Passmore: I Have More To Say (June 1, 2023)

The Song

Listen to “More To Say” the Song.
(March 1, 2023)