The "More To Say" Project

“More To Say” is a song written by Jimmy Thrasher, Lisa Jason, and Katie Barbour and produced in NYC by Yaron Gershovsky.

The Single was released digitally and to radio in 2019. The single “More To Say” is the centerpiece for our current Project, “More to Say” which is a message of hope and encouragement to anyone who has suffered a loss; you have so much “More To Say.”.

The "I Know you'd be proud" Project

“I Know You’d Be Proud” is a song written by Jimmy Thrasher, Corinne McKnight, and Tim Pastor and produced by Jimmy Thrasher.

The Single is released through CDX Records/Sony Orchard on Thrasher Sound Records and can be heard on most digital outlets; a few links are provided below. The song will also be included on the Christian Life Coaching by Jimmy & Melissa Thrasher podcast, “I Know You’d Be Proud, the Song, the Project.”

The "Gotta Look Up" Project

“Gotta Look Up” is a song written and produced by Katie Barbour and Jimmy Thrasher.

The song is released to Radio as a Single on Thrasher Sound Records, and will soon be released digitally as well. The song can also be heard on the podcast, Christian Life Coaching by Jimmy & Melissa Thrasher, Gotta Look Up, the Song, the Project.

The Christian Life Coaching Podcast w/ Jimmy and Melissa Thrasher

We are called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to encourage the abandoned, the abused, the broken, the bullied, the made fun of, the mistreated, the lost, the prodigal’s and those who have suffered loss. We minister through Podcast, the Preached Word, Singing, and the Performing Arts.

Listen to and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform.


This exclusive challenge coin was designed with the idea of being a keepsake that becomes a touchpoint that the bearer can collect, carry, and even share. The ambigram says “LIVE” no matter how you flip it. The color purple represents the veteran. The teal blue ring represents the suicide prevention community and the work we do in all populations. Coins are available for your gift of $35 or more through the button below. Proceeds support our mission. A portion of your donation is tax deductible.

How to get the coin:

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